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Using the Tax Forecaster tool

The Tax Forecaster tool on Credit Karma helps you estimate your federal refund or amount you may owe next time you file your taxes if you filed with Credit Karma Tax last year. The Forecaster uses your 2018 tax return to estimate your total federal tax liability and then lets you enter your withholding information from your regular paystubs to see how this may affect your refund.

Keep in mind that this tool uses information from your prior year return to estimate your federal tax liability which may not match your final tax liability calculated when you actually file your 2019 taxes. This tool is for informational purposes to help you understand how your withholdings could impact your federal tax refund or owed amount, it is not intended to assist in filing or preparing your tax return or provide you with tax advice. Changes in income, deductible expenses, filing status and household information, or other factors may impact your tax liability.

The Tax Forecaster tool is not currently available if you filed Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship) for the previous tax year due to the additional considerations necessary to accurately calculate the tax impact of business income. The Forecaster is also unavailable if you did not consent to sharing your tax filing information with Credit Karma when you filed your taxes.

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