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Using the Tax Insights tool

Certain Credit Karma members* who filed with Credit Karma Tax can use our Tax Insights tool to help understand more about last year’s tax return.

Our Tax Insights tool can show personalized information from your tax return to help you better understand your tax situations as well as show you how your tax return compares with people similar to you.

You can use Tax Insights to:

  • See how your federal refund amount or taxes owed compared to taxpayers in a similar income range as you.
  • Understand your effective tax rate, or the percentage of your total taxable income that went to federal taxes.
  • Understand how tax brackets work in relation to your income.
  • Understand how much you reduced your taxable income by applying different deductions.
  • Review withholding and see how they impacted your refund.

All of the information you see in Tax Insights on your Credit Karma account is based on the information you provided when filing with Credit Karma Tax and it is meant for informational purposes only.

*We are in the process of rolling this out so you might not see it on your account just yet. Keep checking back at creditkarma.com/tax/hub/insights to see if Tax Insights is available with your account.

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