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Can I change my refund method?

Once your return has been submitted and accepted, you can't change the method chosen to make a tax payment or receive a refund.

To see what refund method you selected when you filed your tax forms using Credit Karma Tax, click here to view the PDFs of your Tax Forms.

For your federal return, your refund method should be listed on the 2nd page of your 1040 form. Your state return should have a refund authorization form at the end of your state tax forms with details about your chosen refund method.

If you’ve already chosen to receive a refund using direct deposit and there are any errors with your bank account number or routing number, the IRS will send your refund in the form of a paper check.

If your return is rejected because of any errors, your return will be opened for editing, and you can update your payment or refund method here.

If an account or routing number was entered incorrectly, or the bank account information doesn't verify with your records you will need to contact the IRS for a status of the expected refund.

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