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Two-Factor Authentication FAQ


What is Two-Factor Authentication?

For an extra layer of protection, Credit Karma offers two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) makes it harder for someone else to get into your Credit Karma account, even if they have your password.

If you try to log in from a device you haven’t logged in from before, we’ll text a verification code to the verified phone number on your account.

This added security feature is free and optional, and you can turn it on or off anytime from here.

Keep in mind that the new number must be:

  • Mobile or landline
  • A valid U.S. phone number
  • Not in use by another Credit Karma member

We do not support international phone numbers or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) at this time.



How do I turn Two-Factor Authentication on or off?

If you’re signing into Credit Karma using a device you’ve used before, you can turn two-factor authentication (2FA) on or off from your security settings page.

If you don’t see the options for two-factor authentication in your security settings, it means that you haven’t verified your phone number yet. You can also verify your phone number in your security settings.

The next time you log into Credit Karma using a device you’ve never used before to log in, we’ll text you a one-time code. Once you verify the code on the new device, you shouldn’t need to use a code for that device again.


I enabled Two-Factor Authentication, but I don’t have my verified phone!

To regain access to your account, we’ll need to verify your identity. Contact our member support team.

We’ll guide you through the process and temporarily turn off your two-factor authentication in order for you to log into your account and change your phone number in your security settings.

Once you’ve successfully changed your phone number, you can turn your 2FA back on.



Can’t receive a text message?

There are two buttons you can pick from: "Text me" and "Call me".

If you choose to receive a call instead of a text message, an automated call will be placed to the phone number you’ve entered. When you pick up the call, you'll hear a computer-generated voice speak the numbers of the code.

The Voice option is the only one that'll work for landline users, but mobile phone users can use either SMS or Voice.

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