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Audit Defense when you file with Credit Karma Tax

E-filing your 2018 taxes with Credit Karma Tax includes free Audit Defense for both your 2018 federal and state returns which are accepted by the relevant taxing authority.

Exclusions do apply. For more details about the Audit Defense program, visit https://www.creditkarma.com/tax/programterms#3.

The following refers to the free Audit Defense from filing your taxes with Credit Karma Tax.

What is audit defense?

Audit defense is support from a tax preparation professional in case your return is audited by the IRS or state taxing authority. They can help you respond to inquiries and explore your options so you won’t need to navigate it on your own.

What are your chances of an IRS audit?

How do I use my free Audit Defense?

After the IRS or state taxing authority accepts your return, we will include a page in your tax packet with instructions and a voucher code you to redeem your free audit defense through Tax Protection Plus, a 3rd party provider of professional audit assistance services.

What is included in our Audit Defense program?

Membership in this program may include the following services:

  • Consultation regarding taxing authority correspondence from a specific Case Resolution Specialist (“CRS”) who is appropriately qualified or credentialed and who will be primarily responsible for your case.
  • Document review, collection, and organization from the CRS. If necessary to respond, the CRS will identify documents that need to be collected, assist with organization of the documentation, prepare a professional response portfolio, and review and discuss it with you before sending to the taxing authority.
  • Written correspondence with taxing authorities. If necessary, the CRS will draft letters and other written correspondence on your behalf, as needed, to respond to inquiries or demands from a taxing authority.
  • Conferences and hearings with taxing authorities. The CRS will attend the conference or hearing on your behalf to act as your advocate before the taxing authority.
  • Assistance with tax debt resolution options, if applicable.
  • Assistance with identity theft, if applicable.

What should I do if I get audited?

You can access your tax return packet when you are logged into your Credit Karma Tax account. Use the voucher code and follow the instructions provided in your tax return packet to contact Tax Protection Plus by phone or email to open a case within 30 days of hearing from the IRS or the state taxing authority.

How long after I file do I have Audit Defense?

If eligible, your Audit Defense starts on the date your applicable tax return is accepted by the relevant taxing authority and ending on the date 1 year after (i) the relevant taxing authority’s April filing deadline or (ii) the date you e-filed, whichever is later.

You can see the expiration date on your Credit Karma Tax dashboard after your e-filed return has been accepted or with your tax forms.

You can extend the Audit Defense on your applicable 2018 tax return or an additional year if you file your 2019 taxes with Credit Karma Tax (up to a maximum of 3 years).

For example, you can extend the Audit Defense on your applicable 2018 tax return for another year if you file your 2019 tax return(s) with Credit Karma Tax, and it is accepted by the relevant taxing authority. If you go on to file your 2020 tax return(s) with Credit Karma Tax, and it is accepted by the relevant taxing authority, the Audit Defense on your 2018 return(s) will be extended for 1 more year ( i.e., you would reach the maximum Term of 3 years for that particular 2018 return).

Does Audit Defense also apply to my 2017 or earlier tax returns?

No, Audit Defense provided through this Program only applies to your 2018 state and federal returns which are e-filed with Credit Karma Tax and accepted by the relevant taxing authority.

Someone I know is being audited, can they use my voucher code?

You cannot sell or transfer your voucher code to another person or use it for a different tax return.

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