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Shopping for auto insurance

In Credit Karma’s auto insurance experience, you have the option to add and edit your current auto insurance information. You can explore and adjust different insurance factors, such as coverage level and number of cars or drivers, to see estimates of what you may pay if you went with a different insurance provider. If you see an offer you like better than your current policy, Credit Karma can guide you to the insurance provider’s website to get started with an application.

Go to this section in Credit Karma: Compare and shop for auto insurance.

Our full auto insurance experience is currently available in California and Texas only.

If you’re using Credit Karma to shop for auto insurance in the state of California, you’ll be able to view offers from auto insurance providers that can provide pricing based on the amount you drive or deliver lower prices through efficiency. If you choose to apply with one of these insurers, Credit Karma may be able to pre-fill some of your information, making it easier to apply.

Where are the rates coming from?

By combining public insurance rate filings in your state with credit, vehicle and Credit Karma data, we can show you what you could pay across the top carriers in your state.

The rates you see are estimates, not quotes, based on other members with similar profiles. What you pay will likely differ somewhat because of each insurer's unique formula. You can also see how certain changes, like speeding tickets or an increase in credit score, could impact the price of your insurance policy.

I applied for a new auto insurance policy after looking on Credit Karma but the rate is different from what I saw on Credit Karma. What’s going on?

We use public insurance rate filings in your state to estimate what an insurer might charge someone with your credit profile. The rates you see here are estimates, not quotes, and what you pay will likely differ somewhat because of each insurer's unique formula.

What happens if I apply for auto insurance and am declined?

If you apply for auto insurance and are declined, the insurance provider may be required to tell you the exact reason why you didn’t qualify.

California, Massachusetts and Hawaii have banned the practice of using credit-based insurance scores to help determine rates, but in other states you may receive a soft credit inquiry when you apply for auto insurance. A soft credit inquiry will not negatively impact your credit scores.

Insurance services offered through Credit Karma Insurance Services, LLC (dba Karma Insurance Services, LLC; CA resident license #0172748)

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