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About Penny

In March 2018, Credit Karma acquired Penny, a personal finance app.

Since Penny joined our team, we’ve been able to add a conversational experience around your financial goals. Penny helps you navigate the occasionally overwhelming world of credit by providing advice for your situation.

You can chat with Penny about any of the following topics:

  • Credit Scores
  • Direct Disputes
  • Hard Inquiries
  • Monthly Spending
  • Your financial goals

Reach out to Penny on the Credit Karma Mobile App:

  • Tap Credit on the top menu
  • From the Credit Health page, tap Chat with Penny

Or, if you’re on a web browser you can click here to start a conversation with Penny.

Note that once you leave the chat, the conversation won’t save. Returning to the chat screen will begin a new conversation with Penny.

If you accidentally type the wrong name when Penny first asks for your name, you can change this by asking Penny to talk about something else and choosing change nickname.

Penny is constantly learning and improving, so check back often for updates! Since the acquisition, our team has dedicated themselves to understanding what our members want to learn more about.

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