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I saw an offer on Credit Karma that I’m no longer able to locate or has changed.

The offers you see on your Credit Karma account can change for a variety of reasons.

It’s possible that:

  • The offer is no longer available or temporarily unavailable through Credit Karma.
  • The lender has changed the terms of the offer.
  • Or that recent updates to your credit report information triggered changes to the recommended offers you see on the recommendations page on your Credit Karma account.

In addition, during the application process, the lender may ask for more details about your financial situation, which may trigger changes to some of the some terms that you saw originally. Terms are not set by the lender until the application is reviewed and approved.

It’s important to review the offer terms from the lender before and after you apply to make sure the offer is in line with the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Credit Karma doesn’t keep track of everything you’ve searched for or applied for until it shows up on your Credit Report. That’s why you may see offers for financial products you already have.

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