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About Credit Karma Marketplace


What is Credit Karma Marketplace?

Credit Karma Marketplace is meant to help our members compare and shop for financial products in an easier and more transparent way.


Why should I use it?

When you use Credit Karma Marketplace, you’ll be able to compare options for products like credit cards, personal loans, mortgage, and auto. You can also see if you have pre-approval offers at 90% odds for loans and credit cards.

We believe this is a smarter place to shop and compare because Credit Karma helps you compare different products so you can find the right one for you.


My friend can see Credit Karma Marketplace in her account, but I don’t see it in my account, what’s the deal?

Credit Karma Marketplace is currently being rolled out to some of our members. All Credit Karma members should be able to access it soon enough. If your friend can see it but you don’t, check back soon!

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