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I see exposed passwords on my account, what should I do?

While reviewing your data breach details with our Identity Monitoring feature, you may find that you have passwords that have been exposed online. If you recognize any of these passwords, make sure to change them as soon as possible to help protect your online information.

If you see passwords that you don’t recognize, there could be a few reasons why:

  1.  It’s possible that the password is very old and you have forgotten about it.
  2. It may also be that the password is encrypted, meaning that it has been converted into a code, hiding part or all of the original password. We still think encrypted passwords are valuable for you to see, although we are unable to decrypt them for you.
  3. It’s possible that the account wasn’t created by you in the first place. Don’t panic! Go through the breached accounts listed on this page and cancel or change the passwords on any websites that you don’t recognize. (Note that sometimes certain info isn’t disclosed.)

We understand that seeing passwords that you don’t recognize may be alarming, but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of identity theft, starting with creating a strong password.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a strong password, we have a more extensive guide.

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