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What is a "Not Disclosed" Breach?

We get information about data breaches from two partner sites that specialize in discovering and analyzing breaches.

We share as much as we can from our partners, but sometimes certain info isn't disclosed-- like the site name and breach details.

This happens for one of two reasons.

  1. The breach is part of an ongoing investigation. Most data breaches are the result of criminal activity, so sharing those details about a breach too early might compromise the investigation or legal proceedings. We’ll share the info for these breaches as soon as it’s OK.
  2. The breached site could be considered controversial, and the details are hidden to respect your privacy. An example of this would be sites like Ashley Madison. Since some adult-themed websites don’t require you to verify your login information, it’s possible that someone may have made an account using your email address without your knowledge.

For more information about how our Identity Monitoring works, check out this article.

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