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I need to correct the W-2 information I put into Credit Karma Tax. How do I do that?

I made a mistake on my W-2 and I need to correct it. I haven’t submitted my tax return yet. How do I make these changes?

You’ve just finished entering all your information on your W-2, but you realize you’ve made a mistake that needs to be corrected before you e-file the return.

Upon completion of each W-2, Credit Karma Tax will bring you to the “W-2 Summary page”. It will list out the name of your  employer, the owner of the W-2 (you, or your spouse if you’re filing a joint return), and the total wages that were entered in  Box 1. The order of the list is based on the order the W-2s were entered into Credit Karma Tax.
There will be 3 dots [...] at the top right hand side of each W-2 listed. Click on the dots and the option to edit or delete the W-2 will pop up. If you accidentally added an extra W-2 on your tax return, please be sure to delete it instead of entering zeros on the W-2 screen.  
The edit option will give you access to update your entire W-2. 
To save any changes after editing your W-2, click the green “Next” button on the bottom of the page. 

When I would need to update my W-2?

  1. My W-2 vs. spouse’s W-2
    • Credit Karma Tax defaults the W-2 to belong to the primary taxpayer (the person listed first on the tax return)  if your filing status is married filing jointly. If the W-2 actually belongs to your spouse, you would need to selected on the W-2 screen that this W-2 belongs to your spouse
  2. My tax return is showing an unusually high refund, or it’s showing I owe more taxes than I expected
    • If your tax return shows that you are getting an unusually high refund or you owe a more taxes than you expected, you may want to review the W-2 information you entered. For more information on this topic, we also recommend checking out our W2 Issues article to see if any of those situations apply to you.
  3. Incomplete information
    • Credit Karma Tax will automatically save the information you’ve entered and you can easily pick up where you left off. So If you unintentionally hit the “Next” button by mistake and forgot to enter your state wages and tax withheld, you can go back to revise it.
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