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Can I import my sales from my brokerage statement to my tax return?

At this time, we don’t offer the option to import your sales information from Form 1099-B directly into your tax return. You will need to enter sales from your brokerage statement directly into Credit Karma Tax.

Go to this section in Credit Karma Tax: Capital Gains

Why did my login session expire when I was entering my capital gain information?

For security reasons, our system may log you off if you idle too long on a single page. When entering multiple rows on this page, we recommend the following procedure: 

  1. Click Next after completing 5 rows to save your progress.
  2. Return to the previous page and repeat step 1 until all rows have been entered.
  3. If you have over 10 sales, click Add Rows located at the bottom of the screen to enter additional sales.

This process will keep you logged in but it may require you to move back and forth between the form.

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