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Something is incorrect on my Equifax credit report. How do I dispute an item with Equifax?

If you find an error in your Equifax credit report, you’ll need to dispute it directly with Equifax. But we can walk you through the key steps of the process so you know what to expect.

Step 1: Filing a dispute for errors in your Equifax report

  • Before you begin your dispute, make sure you have your most up-to-date Equifax report handy.

  • The simplest way to file a dispute with Equifax is through their online dispute center. You can get started here.

  • If you’d prefer to dispute errors by mail, Equifax provides detailed instructions here.

Step 2: What to expect after you contact Equifax

  • The investigation process for disputes through Equifax is typically completed within 30 days, but can take longer in some cases. Once the investigation is complete, Equifax will let you know whether the information will remain, be modified, or be removed from your report.

Step 3: Seeing the change on Credit Karma

  • If your dispute results in changes to your Equifax credit report, the information you see on Credit Karma will be corrected once we receive the updated information from Equifax. Please note that Equifax must make the initial change. Credit Karma does not edit any of the credit report information you see.


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