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What are the different types of public records?

Public records on your credit report contain information about credit-related legal matters. These are quick summaries of the most common types of public records. Public records are complicated, though, so make sure to do more research.

Bankruptcy: A legal filing by individuals or businesses seeking certain types of relief from all or some their debt. Types include Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.

Civil Judgments: A non-criminal ruling in a court of law, often requiring the payment of damages.

Foreclosure: When someone has defaulted on his or her mortgage loan and the lender seeks to take possession and force the sale of the mortgaged property.  The exact process for a foreclosure proceeding varies by state.

Tax Lien: A claim made against property by a local, state or federal tax agency for unpaid tax debt.

Wage Garnishment: A legal order to a person's employer to withhold all or a portion of the person’s wages to repay a debt owed to a creditor.

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