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How do I delete or flag a comment for review?

Community is an important part of the Credit Karma experience. We encourage our members to ask and answer questions, review financial products and leave comments on our articles on the site.

When should a comment be flagged?

  • If you notice a comment that includes offensive or inappropriate language, spam or personal details about users (such as credit card numbers or addresses).

  • If the comment is unrelated to the subject of the page.

  • If you posted a comment that you would like deleted.


How do I flag the comment?

To flag a comment, click the small flag icon next to the “Reply” button at the bottom right of a comment. Please enter a short explanation of why you’ve flagged the comment so our moderators know what to look out for.


What about blog comments?

If there’s a comment on our blog that you’d like to flag for review, please leave a comment on the same post so we can look into it.

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