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What's a thin file?

After registering for Credit Karma you may discover that you have a thin file. Having a thin file means there isn’t enough information on your credit reports to calculate your credit scores.

Thin files can be common with people who are young, new to the country or don’t have any open credit accounts. If you were able to receive credit scores in the past but now have a thin file, it could be because you’ve closed your credit cards or loans and now have too little information in your credit reports to calculate your scores.

Even if you have a thin file, you can still review your TransUnion and Equifax credit reports on Credit Karma and check to make sure the information is accurate.

Check out our article What does it mean if I have a “thin file”? if you’d like to learn more about thin files and reasons you might have a thin file. And read more about how to build credit with the Credit Karma Guide to building credit.  

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