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Why did my score drop?

It’s not unusual for your credit scores to change periodically, but if one or both of your scores dropped significantly it may be worth a closer look.

Since Credit Karma doesn’t calculate your scores (they’re provided directly from TransUnion and Equifax), we aren’t able to tell you specifically why they changed. But one of these suggestions may help you find the answer.

  1. Look at your credit score factors. We break down six important Credit Factors that can impact your score and show you how you’re doing in each area.

  2. Review your credit reports for errors or suspicious activity.

  3. Ask the Credit Karma community. Chances are that another member has faced the same issue or posed a similar question in our online community.

  4. Read up on common reasons for score drops. While it might not always be possible to find the specific reason(s) your score went down, this article could help you determine changes in your score.

To help you stay on top of changes to your credit, Credit Karma offers free TransUnion credit monitoring. Check your communications settings to make sure you’re enrolled in this service.



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