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Workaholic Deductions

You may deduct certain expenses associated with the duties of your job. In cases where your employer did not reimburse you for the expenses you incurred, you may be able to deduct these costs from your taxes.

Deductible expenses fall into two categories: job-specific expenses and travel-related expenses.

Some job-related expenses you may be able to deduct are:

  • safety equipment,
  • protective clothing needed for work,
  • physical exams required by your employer,
  • union dues and expenses, or
  • uniforms purchased for work.

For a full list of job-related expenses, check out the IRS website.

Some travel-related expenses include:

  • transportation to and from your business destination (not commuting),
  • meals and lodging,
  • cleaning and laundry, and
  • entertainment, but only if it’s directly related to the duties of your job.

For a complete list of travel-related deductible expenses, check out the IRS website.

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