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My dependent has a W-2. Where do I enter it?

My dependent has a W-2 from a part-time job. Where can I enter it in Credit Karma Tax?

You can’t add your dependent’s W-2 income to your tax return. Your dependent may need to file their own tax return depending on how much earned income and unearned income (income received, such as interest and dividends) was received.

If you’re unsure if your dependent needs to file a tax return, they can use the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant: Do I Need to File a Tax Return?
Source: irs.gov

Does this mean I can’t claim my dependents anymore since they’re filing their own taxes now?

If your dependent is filing their own taxes you can still claim them on your return. However, your dependent needs to indicate that they can be claimed as a dependent on another tax return. If this box isn’t checked, one of two scenarios will likely occur:

  1. Your dependent’s tax return will be rejected by the IRS because you have already claimed them as a dependent on your return. Your dependent will need to check the box Claimed as a dependent by someone else in their Personal Info before resubmitting.
  2. Your return will be rejected because your dependent filed their tax return and already claimed the exemption. You’ll need to remove the dependent that already filed their return off your return to correct this error.

Check out the article Who qualifies as a dependent? for more information about claiming dependents on your tax return.


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