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Name changes, birth date and Social Security Number matching issues

When the basic information entered on your tax return is consistent with what the IRS has on file in its database, it’s beautiful thing! Sometimes, however, a data mismatch can cause your tax return to be rejected during the e-file process. Data mismatches can include names that are incorrectly spelled, name changes, hyphenated names, erroneous birth dates or a typo when entering the Social Security number. These inconsistencies can halt the process of e-filing dead in its tracks regardless of whether the information is tied to the taxpayer, spouse or dependents.

If you e-file a return that gets rejected, it means that the IRS won’t accept the return you filed because the information you entered does not match their database. You can try correcting the error and submitting again, or if you exceed the amount of submission attempts, you can mail in a paper return.

To learn more about these topics, you can view the FAQs on the IRS website by typing “SSN matching” in the search box, or call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to correct database mismatches.

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