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How do I see whether another email address was involved in a data breach?

As a Credit Karma member, you’ll be alerted when the personal info associated with your Credit Karma account, such as your email address or password, turns up in another company’s public data breach.

In order to check an email address that isn’t the email address you verified for your Credit Karma account, make sure you're signed out of your account and have deleted all of the cache and cookies on your browser. Then try clicking here.

You can also access this page using a private or “incognito” window.

With this search, you won’t be able to see what the specific breaches may have been, only the number (if any) of public data breaches that the email address you searched shows up in.

You can learn more about how to clear your cache and cookies for each browser here:

For Google Chrome. 

For Mozilla Firefox. 

For Apple Safari. 

For Internet Explorer. 

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