#Good news! The IRS has extended the tax deadline to April 18th! As long as you submit your federal return by midnight on 4/18/2018, you won't be considered a late filer for your federal return. Direct debit tax payments that are submitted with your federal return (or on the IRS website) by 4/18 are also considered timely filed ×

How will I get my refund if I don’t have a bank account?

Credit Karma Tax members have the option of receiving their federal refund on an American Express Serve card

If you don’t have a bank account, the IRS or state can mail a check to you at the address listed on your return. Refunds issued by paper check typically take several weeks to arrive.

Once you get your check, you can cash it at a bank, through a check cashing service, or at retail stores that offer check cashing services. Keep in mind that many options for cashing checks without a bank account charge a percentage of the value of your check as a fee.

With your refund check in-hand, now is a great time to consider opening an account at a bank or credit union so you can cash your refund check without additional fees.

Check your refund status online at the IRS website: Where’s My Refund?

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