#Good news! The IRS has extended the tax deadline to April 18th! As long as you submit your federal return by midnight on 4/18/2018, you won't be considered a late filer for your federal return. Direct debit tax payments that are submitted with your federal return (or on the IRS website) by 4/18 are also considered timely filed ×

This is the first time I have had to do taxes, but I did not file. What should I do?

If you are a first-time filer (or it is the first time you are facing a tax penalty), you may qualify for a First-Time Penalty Abatement. That means the IRS may reduce the penalty for not filing your taxes or not filing on time.

You might qualify if:

  • This is the first time you’ve had to file a return or you’ve had no penalties for the previous 3 tax years
  • You already filed any required returns or filed for an extension
  • You’ve paid or made arrangements to pay any tax due

Keep in mind that even if you receive a penalty abatement, your penalty fees may continue to accumulate until you fully pay off your tax bill. You can learn more about penalty abatement on the IRS’s site.

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