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Using your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to verify your identity

What is my AGI? Why do I need to enter it to file?

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is an individual's total gross income minus some specific deductions. The IRS uses your AGI from the previous year to help verify your identity.

Where do I find my previous year AGI?

Your return may get rejected if the AGI you have entered doesn't match what the IRS has on file. You can find your AGI on last year's tax return by taking a look at your: Form 1040: line 37, Form 1040A: line 21 or Form 1040EZ: line 4. 

Form 1040: line 37


Form 1040A: line 21


Form 1040EZ: line 4


If you don’t have access to last year’s return, you can get your IRS transcript to view your AGI. 

Where not to look for my previous year AGI

Even if you believe you entered the correct AGI, please read below to make sure nothing has been overlooked. There are a couple of numbers that look very similar to an AGI but will cause your return to be rejected on Credit Karma Tax.

  • Please don't get your AGI from your W2 and or 1099. 

A W2 and or 1099 only shows your Unadjusted Gross Income, which doesn't include deductible items that adjust your gross income. Some common examples are: Alimony paid, moving expenses,  education related deductions and many more.

  • Don't use your AGI from your amended 2016 return. (Always use the AGI from your orginial return, even if that return was technically incorrect).

What if I didn't file taxes last year?

If you didn't file a return last year, enter 0.

What if my AGI was negative?

You will need to enter your AGI as a negative number.

What if somebody claimed me as a dependent?

If you filed your own return last year, but someone also claimed you as a dependent, use the AGI from your return.

What if I used the status of married filing jointly last year? Do I split the combined AGI?

If you filed using the status "married filing jointly" last year, the combined AGI of you and your spouse is the AGI for each of you. You can enter the whole amount for both taxpayers. You do not need to split this amount.

If you are filing using the status "married filing jointly" again this year, with the same spouse, you will enter the combined AGI for each taxpayer individually.

What if I used the status of married filing separately last year but want to file under married filing jointly this year?

If you are filing using the status "married filing jointly" this year, and filed "married filing separately" last year, enter both spouse's AGI from your respective 2016 returns. 

I have adjusted my AGI and re-submitted my return, has my return been filed?

You should receive an email confirmation if your return has been filed. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact Member Support.

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