#Good news! The IRS has extended the tax deadline to April 18th! As long as you submit your federal return by midnight on 4/18/2018, you won't be considered a late filer for your federal return. Direct debit tax payments that are submitted with your federal return (or on the IRS website) by 4/18 are also considered timely filed ×

Forms supported by Credit Karma Tax

We support all the common forms and schedules, and our life events format can help you figure out what information you need to provide.

Keep in mind: We can’t do everything just yet. Notably, we don’t support multiple state filings, part-year state filing, foreign earned income, married filing separately returns in community property states, or state filing without a federal filing.

Take a look at the list below of forms we generally support. If you’re not seeing one of your forms here, check out the list of forms and situations that we won’t support this year.

Common forms or schedules
8959 Additional Medicare Tax (calculates automatically)
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