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Guide to Ohio State Amendments on Credit Karma Tax

Step 1) Choose to file an amended return. Be sure to check out this article for background information.


If you didn’t file this year’s taxes with Credit Karma Tax, you can access amendments by navigating here.


Step 2) Choose State Amendment

If you originally chose “Federal + State”, you can also navigate to the following pages once you finish your Federal Amendment.


Step 3) Select the Buckeye State of Ohio.


Step 4) Update or correct your return information.

  • Update or correct the information that was originally entered on your federal and/or state tax return on credit Karma Tax.
    • Example: if you have received an updated W-2, you need to go back to the W-2 section of your return on Credit Karma Tax to update this information
  • Print out your original return. If you originally filed with Credit Karma Tax, please click on the blue “Update your tax return” link below.
  • Please sure to write down any changes you make. You will need to input the original information later on.
  • Then, come back to the Amendment section to input the updated/corrected information on your original return.
    • Please note that all amended returns must be sent via the postal services, and can’t be filed electronically.


Step 5) Select the reason(s) you are filing an amended Ohio return.


Step 6) Enter in the refund amount from your original OH tax return or how much you paid when you originally filed your state return.



Step 7) Explain why you need to file your OH amended return.


Step 8) Print out your amended return & mail it off to:

Ohio Department of Taxation
P.O. Box 1460
Columbus, OH 43216-1460


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