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How do I file an extension? What's the deadline?

If you need more time, for filing your 2016 Federal / State Forms. You can apply for a 6-month federal extension through Credit Karma Tax

What’s the deadline for Filing an Extension?

You should keep in mind that filing a federal extension only gives you more time to file your federal return — you’ll still need to pay any taxes you may owe.

Late Filing Penalty

To avoid the federally imposed 5% penalty on the amount of tax required. Just be sure to pay by the original IRS tax filing deadline (April 18, 2017).

Without proof of reasonable cause, if your federal tax return is not filed by the April 18th due date, or by the extended due date (if the extension request was filed timely). You will subject yourself, to a 5% penalty, towards the federal tax amount on the return required, (less any previous credits, payments applied) for the first month it is considered past-due, and an additional 5% for each month thereafter.

The penalty is capped at 25% of the amount of tax required, to be shown on the return (less any earlier payments and credits).

Late Payment Penalty

A late payment penalty, can also occur at ½% of 1%, on those federal taxes not paid by April 18th. And may also be charged for each, of the remaining months balance. Here again, the federal maximum penalty is 25%.

Federally imposed late payment penalties may be waived, if you can show reasonable cause during the extension duration, ‘if both of the following requirements are met’:

1. At least 90% of the total tax on your 2016 return is paid on or before the regular due date of your return through withholding, estimated tax payments, or payments made with Form 4868’.

2. The remaining balance is paid with your return.

Special Rules

There may be special rules for applying for a federal extension if you:

  • Are serving in combat 
  • Live in a qualifying hazardous area
  • Live outside of the United States

Please see this link for additional information.

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