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Why did my score change?

You may have noticed your scores changed recently on Credit Karma. The change you see may be caused by changes in your credit report or the new and updated scoring model TraunsUnion uses to calculate the score you see on Credit Karma.

Here at Credit Karma, we are always looking for ways to provide our members with better experiences. Which is why we are happy to introduce our members to the newly adopted CreditVision Risk scoring model created by TransUnion Canada.

The new Credit Vision Risk scoring model features a more detailed picture of our members’ credit by using trended data and information over the past 24 months to calculate their score.This helps to create more representative scores for our members as well as scores for those with limited credit history.

This means our members can get a better sense of how lenders view their credit before they apply and therefore help them plot out their financial goals more successfully. Come check out your new CreditVision score and credit report by signing in here.

You can learn more details about the CreditVision Risk scoring model here. 

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